Well, I’m pleased to say that I had the ‘chat’ with my manager today and all went well. As it turns out, she actually knew already! Apparently, our bodyguard of a month ago actually put it in his report – surely the guy would have known that at 5 weeks pregnant I hadn’t yet told work – sigh. Anyway, it turns out the entire management team have known for a month but were waiting for me to come out and say it. Apparently no hard feelings. Everyone is, as usual, being really supportive and is terribly happy for us both. I really am so fortunate to work in such an amazing environment!

It is pretty funny how people react when they find out you’re pregnant. Steph, a girl I work with and thankfully am good friends with, asked if she could feel my stomach today. I had to politely decline on grounds that it’s all just bloating rather than baby at the moment and recommended she wait a few months until there is something there too feel! Another woman thought it was ok to shout over the divide between the desks to ask what hospital I had chosen and who my gyno is!!! Not exactly general office conversation. Never-the-less I am over the moon to be pregnant and look forward to many more inappropriate questions and unsolicited gropings.

I’ve been told that the subscription service for the blog is not working. I’ve changed a setting now so hopefully it will be ok, please let me know if you have any problems. I’m not sure if you will have to subscribe again or not, sorry.