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So, we’re moving house and since I’ve just stopped working I’m now responsible, full-time, for Ruby’s entertainment, meals, and general well-being (amongst other things) and also trying to pack up a house. It’s proving a wee bit taxing and I found myself with an empty fridge approaching lunch time.

I took a good hard look at what I had and struck on a good idea. Mini quiches, stuffed full of grated lightly steamed veggies and a little cheese.

I grated some zucchini (courgette to you Saffa’s) and carrot then steamed them. Then I finely diced some tomato and set it aside. I then whisked up 2 eggs with about a cup of milk and a small piece of grated cheese. I had some ready rolled puff pastry sheets in the freezer which I’d thawed and cut into 9 squares to line my muffin tin. When that was done I put a little of the veggies in each ‘cup’, topped with eggy mixture and baked them for 12 min until the pastry & filling puffed up. I had 5 ‘cups’ of puff pastry extra so I mashed up a banana with a little ricotta and some choc chips and filled them just to see if it would work. They came out beautifully, puffed up & set and totally delicious!

Here is the result of my baking efforts (after we’d both enjoyed some for lunch, there were more to start with!):



So I bit the bullet and made the first bento ever. Well, first made by this mama and first presented to Ruby that is.

Its taken quite a long time for me to finally get down to making a bento lunch for my baby. I’ve been reading various blogs for a little while including Julie’s wonderfully insightful blog Teaching “good” eatersWhat’s for lunch at our house & Bent on better lunches.

I unfortunately chose a day when I really didn’t have anything that went together particularly well but I guess thats the beauty of bento, you can put together little pieces of different things and it looks exciting.

I chose stars as the theme because its probably the most popular word in my little darling’s growing repertoire. Plus I happened to have a collection of star cookie cutters (none of which were actually small enough for most of my needs so I ended up cutting a lot by hand).

Unfortunately I don’t have ANY bento supplies at all so once I’d made everything I had to scratch around for things to use. It doesn’t look great but it serves the purpose I guess.

So, here it is: a peanut butter and honey star-shaped sandwhich on wholegrain bread that I flattened with a rolling pin first, 3 multigrain vita-weat crackers with star-shaped slices of cheese, a container of baby garden peas (which is pretty much the only green veggie that she will eat that isn’t hidden in some other food), star-shaped pieces of watermelon, sliced kiwi fruit on a skewer (the middles look like stars!) and a cup of yogurt:

First ever Bento!

Check out the little cup that Granny gave my darling when they were visiting last December, he’s the cutest little bright yellow melamine duck with a cute little lid that fits on too:

Duck cup

I am pleased to report that lunch was a real hit! I lost count how many times I heard her squeal out a high pitched “thtar!” It was lovely to watch her little face light up each time she found a new one, very cute.

Thanks to all the bento bloggers and encouraging mums out there for the motivation to finally give bento a try!