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My second attempt at a dress was this ruffled polka dot affair using cherry and polka dot fabric.



If I were to make this dress again I would definitely make it A-line instead of a rectangle and I would make the straps longer so the ruffle is more pronounced. I didn’t follow a pattern, I just borrowed bits and pieces from various free online tutorials to piece it together.

I still need to take pictures of Ruby wearing her new dresses and post them, she looks rather cute!


My next completed item of clothing for Ruby was far more adventurous. I found, and pinned, this lovely tutorial with free pattern for a peasant dress on Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom ages ago and finally got around to using it a couple of weeks ago.

The tutorial is easy to follow and simple even for a beginner. I added a strip of bias binding near the bottom and made a double bow using this tutorial.

My girl loves anything pink, add butterflies & bows and she’s sold! Its funny that she’s otherwise so at home knee deep in mud…


first skirt first skirt 2

Yeah its a really simple skirt, but I finished it! It only took about 45 minutes and I made it while R napped one afternoon.

I used Dana’s wonderfully simple tutorial which made it really easy.

This Christmas I used the same pattern to make gingham skirts for our neighbour’s two girls aged 5 & 7. I added a ruffle along the bottom and a flower embellishment to each (made from an old pair of jeans) with a button centre. I love the way they turned out!




As I’ve mentioned before, I have an extremely talented mother, especially when it comes to sewing. She tried to get me involved as a kid and even bought me a sewing machine. Unfortunately, I was a complete tomboy and didn’t show much interest.

Over the years as an adult I’ve tried to teach myself to sew with limited success which I’ve come to realise has at least in part been due to bad tools. For a long time I was trying to sew with an ancient second hand machine that insisted on swallowing my fabric and knotting up my thread. No wonder I found it so frustrating and couldn’t finish a project!

Last year I bought a new machine and really started to apply myself to learning to do things properly. I began with some trial and error, supplemented with expert tuition (long distance hand-holding): Skype calls to my mommy in South Africa when things went wrong. What a relief to have a machine that didn’t gobble up all my fabric!

In the past, I found it so discouraging being unable to finish a project but now that I’m able to produce something cute that puts a smile on my little girl’s face, its actually quite addictive!

I’ll post some of my recent projects shortly, watch this space…