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I whipped up a fresh batch of no-cook play dough today for Ruby with her ‘help’ (which usually makes the job take twice as long but makes it twice as fun!). Thankfully if you use The Imagination Tree’s no-cook recipe, it’s so quick and easy (less than 5 min) that it doesn’t matter if you double your prep time. If you aren’t already adding glycerine to your play dough, do yourself a favour and buy some from a chemist. A few drops at the end of the process really makes it stretch and shine beautifully!

I started adding glitter to my play dough at Christmas for extra holiday sparkle and now I can’t stop! It’s gorgeous! The kiddies love it, I made a couple of batches for play group last week and it was a massive hit.

If you haven’t already, check out the Imagination Tree for all sorts of play ideas, it’s an awesome site.