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What a weird summer we are having in Sydney. Its been the coolest, wettest summer in decades. The hot days have been few and far between. While I don’t love winter, I love the really hot days even less but after a long wishy-washy, rainy spring and summer, it was nice to have a couple of hot days this weekend.
I found this recipe on Toys in the dryer for ridiculously easy DIY fudge pops (ice-lollies or ice blocks depending which continent you live on). I don’t mind little R having an ice cream every now and then but I find that the store bought ones are too big and have too many ingredients that I can’t pronounce in them. This idea simply uses a store bought instant chocolate pudding which is then frozen in individual ice lolly containers. I have cute little Tupperware moulds that are just the right size for little tummies. The chocolate pudding that I bought was fairly low in sugar and I recognised all the ingredients, so although not my first choice I gave it a go. The pudding whipped up in less than 2 minutes and the whole job took less than 5.

Here are some pics of little R getting a go at cleaning out the bowl (a rare treat since I won’t let her near a bowl that has had raw eggs in it):

A couple of hours later after lunch and our playdough adventures they were ready to go.

Little R loved hers, here are some pictures of the resulting delicious messiness: