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My second attempt at a dress was this ruffled polka dot affair using cherry and polka dot fabric.



If I were to make this dress again I would definitely make it A-line instead of a rectangle and I would make the straps longer so the ruffle is more pronounced. I didn’t follow a pattern, I just borrowed bits and pieces from various free online tutorials to piece it together.

I still need to take pictures of Ruby wearing her new dresses and post them, she looks rather cute!


first skirt first skirt 2

Yeah its a really simple skirt, but I finished it! It only took about 45 minutes and I made it while R napped one afternoon.

I used Dana’s wonderfully simple tutorial which made it really easy.

This Christmas I used the same pattern to make gingham skirts for our neighbour’s two girls aged 5 & 7. I added a ruffle along the bottom and a flower embellishment to each (made from an old pair of jeans) with a button centre. I love the way they turned out!